More and more companies are outsourcing their bookkeeping lately. Why?

  • Access to experience and specialized skills
  • Frees up time for the owner to work on growing the business
  • Reduces employee training costs due to turnover
  • Improves efficiency, speed, and service
  • Gain more insight through additional reporting

Small business owners sometimes spend a lot of time stumbling over the books trying to do it themselves.  For many owners it is NOT their favorite thing to do – they would rather be out working their business and growing it, not spending it in front of the computer processing paperwork. Many owners place bookkeeping at the bottom of their list of things to do. Not only is it last on the list, but they also leave it to the last minute.

Some mistakenly believe that bookkeeping is just “data entry”. They hire a beginner, or family member in some cases, for data entry. Bookkeeping includes all your financial records – bank accounts, revenue, expenses, payroll, and cash flow. It is equally important to manage your cash flow in addition to your revenue and expenses. Numbers LLC can help you manage both and explain the difference. Did you know they aren’t the same?

Robin with Numbers LLC enjoys helping small business owners get back on track, or stay on track, with their bookkeeping. Numbers LLC can take the stress of understanding the bookkeeping off the owner’s list and assist in the financial health of the company. It is her business. When you hire Robin, she works with owners as an extension of the company and ensures that the owner is informed of the financial situation so that they can make the best decisions.

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