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Numbers LLC is not your average accounting firm. We’re a small Minnesota accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation firm specializing in personalized service for each client. We see our clients as people, not numbers.

We have over 20 years of accounting experience working in public accounting, the corporate world, school districts, and nonprofit organizations. We work with individuals and small business owners to help them understand their tax situation, no matter what it may be.

We can make you money!

Accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes are generally looked at as just another expense to be paid for by most business owners, but let’s flip it over and look at the other side:

Let’s say that as a business owner, you bill at $100 per hour. Numbers bills the bookkeeping at $75 per hour. You’re already spending less than your billing rate.

Keep reading, though… it gets even better!

How long does it take you to complete your monthly bookkeeping? Two hours? Four? We know it’s not on the “fun” list for most business owners. Let’s say it takes you four hours a month…not counting the hours of procrastination because you don’t want to do it.

Here at Numbers LLC, we do this accounting stuff every day! Believe it or not, we actually enjoy it a lot! Because of our experience, it takes us less time to do your bookkeeping than it would take you. Let’s say 1.5 hours to your 4.

Using that math, you’ve lost $400 of income in the time you’ve spent doing the bookkeeping yourself. Instead, pay Numbers $137.50 for the time, bill your $400 for the services you’re actually good at, and you’ve just made $262.50.

Did we lose you with the math? All the more reason to call us! If you figured out back in high school that math isn’t your thing, leave it to the professionals!


2017 Excellence in Business Award Winner – Microbusiness