Misspelled Name – Make sure you spell your name exactly as it is spelled on your social security card. This also includes women who have not changed their name after a marriage or divorce. You must use the name on the social security card, not the one you go by on a daily basis.

Wrong Filing Status – Many people are confused by the Head of Household status. Make sure you read through the directions completely to understand if you qualify. For those who get married or divorced during the year – your filing status is whatever you are on December 31st of that year. For example, if Sam and Susan Snow are married most of 2012 but their divorce is final on December 14th, they are divorced for the whole year of 2012 as far as their 2012 tax return is concerned. The same applies if William and Wendy White are married on December 30th. They are single for 363 days of the year and married for only 2, but for the 2012 tax return they are considered married the whole year.

Math Gone Wrong – Use a calculator and double check all the math on your forms. Filing electronically can help avoid this error.

Signature Missing – Don’t forget to sign your return. It will be sent back if it isn’t.

Missing Forms – Make sure you are including all the forms and schedules, and include both pages of the federal and state returns.

Wrong Bank Account Number – If you utilize direct deposit for your refunds, triple check the routing number and account number of the bank account you list for your refunds. It’s a difficult process to correct it after the refund is issued.

Missing Deadlines – You may file an extension for your return to give you extra time to gather all your documents. If you owe any taxes for the year, April 15th is still the date that you need to pay them by to avoid any penalty or interest.

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