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Seven Common Filing Mistakes

Misspelled Name – Make sure you spell your name exactly as it is spelled on your social security card. This also includes women who have not changed their name after a marriage or divorce. You must use the name on the social security card, not the one you go by on a daily basis.

Wrong Filing Status – Many people are confused by the Head of Household status. Make sure you read through the directions completely to understand if you qualify. For those who get married or divorced during the year – your filing status is whatever you are on December 31st of that year. For example, if Sam and Susan Snow are married most of 2012 but their divorce is final on December 14th, they are divorced for the whole year of 2012 as far as their 2012 tax return is concerned. The same applies if William and Wendy White are married on December 30th. They are single for 363 days of the year and married for only 2, but for the 2012 tax return they are considered married the whole year.

Math Gone Wrong – Use a calculator and double check all the math on your forms. Filing electronically can help avoid this error.

Signature Missing – Don’t forget to sign your return. It will be sent back if it isn’t.

Missing Forms – Make sure you are including all the forms and schedules, and include both pages of the federal and state returns.

Wrong Bank Account Number – If you utilize direct deposit for your refunds, triple check the routing number and account number of the bank account you list for your refunds. It’s a difficult process to correct it after the refund is issued.

Missing Deadlines – You may file an extension for your return to give you extra time to gather all your documents. If you owe any taxes for the year, April 15th is still the date that you need to pay them by to avoid any penalty or interest.

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How To Save Money On Your Taxes Now

It’s not tax time right now, so how can I save money on my taxes? Well, there are a few things to do during the year that can help you at tax time – even if your 1040 is relatively simple.

– Organize your records. This is huge. The more organized you are, the quicker your taxes can be completed. Tax preparers love organized people. This may be reflected in a lower cost for preparation (because it may take your preparer less time).

 Make a last minute estimated tax payment. All state tax estimates made by December 31st of the current year are deductible. They are included in your tax deductions on Schedule A. Sometimes it can make the difference between having to pay in or getting a refund for either federal or state!

– Adjust your payroll tax withholdings. Did you have any changes in pay during the year, did you get married, divorced, have children, change jobs, spouse or you lose a job or your hours reduced? All these factors plus others can affect the level of federal taxes you will owe on your tax return. By adjusting your withholding now you may minimize any amount due or break even at tax time.

 Increase your retirement plan contribution. Saving for retirement is important. Are you taking advantage of your employer’s retirement options? Does the company match any contributions you make as an employee? Why not take advantage of that “free” money?

– Consider gifting. If you itemize (Schedule A), all charitable contributions to qualified organizations are tax deductible. There are many deserving non-profit organizations that can benefit from your donations, whether they are $10 or $1000.

If you own a small business, I recommend talking with your tax preparer in the fall to evaluate your options. Tax planning is very beneficial in being able to understand where your position tax-wise and how business decisions can affect your taxes.

Are you satisfied with how last year’s taxes turned out? Is the current year trending the same? Talk with your tax preparer this fall to evaluate your individual situation, On January 1st it will be too late to change some things.

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Why Outsource your Bookkeeping?

More and more companies are outsourcing their bookkeeping lately. Why?

  • Access to experience and specialized skills
  • Frees up time for the owner to work on growing the business
  • Reduces employee training costs due to turnover
  • Improves efficiency, speed, and service
  • Gain more insight through additional reporting

Small business owners sometimes spend a lot of time stumbling over the books trying to do it themselves.  For many owners it is NOT their favorite thing to do – they would rather be out working their business and growing it, not spending it in front of the computer processing paperwork. Many owners place bookkeeping at the bottom of their list of things to do. Not only is it last on the list, but they also leave it to the last minute.

Some mistakenly believe that bookkeeping is just “data entry”. They hire a beginner, or family member in some cases, for data entry. Bookkeeping includes all your financial records – bank accounts, revenue, expenses, payroll, and cash flow. It is equally important to manage your cash flow in addition to your revenue and expenses. Numbers LLC can help you manage both and explain the difference. Did you know they aren’t the same?

Robin with Numbers LLC enjoys helping small business owners get back on track, or stay on track, with their bookkeeping. Numbers LLC can take the stress of understanding the bookkeeping off the owner’s list and assist in the financial health of the company. It is her business. When you hire Robin, she works with owners as an extension of the company and ensures that the owner is informed of the financial situation so that they can make the best decisions.

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QuickBooks Icon Bar

Did you know that you can customize your Icon Bar within QuickBooks?

It’s a wonderful tool to get to the screens with one click that you use most often. Here’s how to do it. . . . .

Open the screen that you want to add to the Icon Bar, such as your Profit and Loss statement for the current fiscal year (for example). Choose View from the gray menu bar, then Add “Profit and Loss” to Icon Bar. A box will pop up and you can choose an icon that will show above the name that you want to give to this screen on the Icon Bar. Click okay and you’re done! It will be added to the right of whatever is already on the Icon Bar.

You can also delete the items off the Icon Bar that you will not use regularly. It will not delete them totally from the program, but just from the Icon Bar.

This is a wonderful tip that makes life a little easier for QuickBooks users.

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Who Are You Or What Do You Want To Be?

This is one of the first questions any business owner is asking themselves. I am referring to what type of entity the business owner wants to be – or if you are already in business, what type am I? Your options are Sole Proprietor, Limited Liability Company, S Corporation, or C Corporation. Which option you choose depends on your individual situation. Just because your neighbor, friend, or fellow business owner is an S Corporation doesn’t necessarily mean that is the right choice for you. Each option has its strengths and weaknesses. Research the different choices. Ask your accountant, your lawyer,and even your friends who own a business why they would choose one over the other.

The most important part is to make an informed decision. Know why you are choosing your particular entity. Know what the tax ramifications are, the reporting requirements, the bookkeeping requirements, etc.  Also, revisit this decision as your business changes and grows. If you start out as a Sole Proprietor, there may be a point when it would be good to switch to an LLC. If you are an LLC, there may be a point at which you have grown large enough to make it advantageous to become an S Corporation.

Deciding what type of entity your business will be is a basic foundation block of your business. Building your own business is an exciting journey – make sure your foundation blocks are solid!

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